Saturday, 14 October 2017

Review: Saturday the 14th (1981) (October 2017)

Beware of... Saturday the 14th (1981) - Comedy Horror any day of the week!

It's gone Friday the 13th, so naturally Saturday the 14th (1981) follows a day later! In ST14th film, we are treated to a house full of monsters as a Vampire couple are on the loose to try and retain an old book found by a family, which have moved into a spooky new house! Monsters are everywhere and there is even a twist at the end of the film, which really entertained me.

I own this film on good old VHS... it's good silly fun! The film was Produced by Julie Corman.

Saturday the 14th: Strikes Back, followed!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Happy Friday the 13th!! @mayhem_festival Showing Horror Films!! (October 2017)

Happy Friday the 13th??
Not only is it October and a Friday, today... but, it's a Friday the 13th! Lucky for some? Mayhem Film Festival @ Broadway Cinema, Nottingham is showing Friday the 13th: Part III, tonight @ 10pm. It's directed by Steve Miner and is Reviewed below by Myself & Steven Chamberlain:

Sunday, 8 October 2017

SIX HOT CHICKS IN A WAREHOUSE (2017) set to Premiere this November in London!! (October 2017)

Six Hot Chicks... A Film by Simon Edwards.
Simon Edwards is a film maker who was lucky enough to be locked in a warehouse to film "SIX HOT CHICKS!", so to speak.

SIX HOT CHICKS IN A WAREHOUSE debuts on November 2 @ 7pm, Tickets are £8 @ Hen & Chickens Theatre, 109 St Paul’s Road, London, N1 2NA. The film also features a number of sassy ladies in this Clever-looking Hard-Hitting Horror!!

For More Info, see - HERE! Plus an Interview with one of the Stars in Jessica Messenger, HERE!!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Event: The Misty Moon International Film Festival 2017 – The Finalists!! (October 2017)

Congrats to the MISTY MOON Finalists, 2017!
The Finalists for this year’s Misty Moon International Film Festival have been announced. Good Luck to everybody that are taking part in 2017. There is also a special award this year for the late, Peter Hawkins (see below) who was a friend to many on the film and art scene. The event will be held at The Cinema Museum, London on Saturday, 28th October, 2017.

2017 Film Line-Up:

A Woman Apart
Mary Omelina

Alexander Mattingly

Miro Caminade

Vandella Day
John McCourt

Stake Out
Charlie Hanson

Layke Anderson

Room For Rent
Fernando Simarro

Holy F**K
Christian Chalken

The Jitterman
Alex Mathieson

The Hunter
George Moore

The Quiet Zone
Andrew Lonides

A Special AWARD at MM, dedicated to the late Peter Hawkins.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

SHORT FILM: Ode to the Night (2017) - Directed by John H Shelton! (October 2017)

"Ode to the Night" - A Vampire/Horror Short Film for Halloween on Rental!
Ode to the Night (2017) is Directed and Created by John H Shelton. It's a Vampire short-film in which David (played by Dylan Knight) is stalked in his Nightmares by not one, but two female Vampires! The voice over and Poem was done by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and features Marie Wagstaffe and Patsy Buck as the Gruesome Vampire Twosome!

Rent the film below for ONLY £2.99 on Youtube! Happy October/Halloween Month!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Beyond Macabre (2017) - Short/Experimental/Horror Clown Film!! (October 2017)

Alex Reed in BEYOND MACABRE (2017).
This is it,,, It's October and it's Halloween Month!! Esme Rose-Shelton (aka MrSheltonTV) Presents: Beyond Macabre (2017) for your viewing pleasure online! It's an experimental horror starring Dylan Knight as a man being stalked in his mind by EVIL CLOWNS... or is it a Reality of Nightmares? Also, the film stars Alex Reed and Steven Chamberlain. Writing Credits Include: MrSheltonTV & Andrea Van Scoyoc (Poetry). Stay Scared!!

Rent the Film on Youtube for ONLY: £2.99.

Happy October!! Halloween Month!! (October 2017)

Merl & John get in on the Halloween Act for October!!
Happy October Guys! It's Halloween month and I believe a Friday the 13th date falls this Month, too! You can expect a few horror reviews too on my Youtube Channel and horror related Videos to try and keep Boys & Ghouls' entertained to Autumn. The Walking Dead - Season 8 - also returns to TV Screens this Month, so get spooky with family and friends! Below is a Review I did on Halloween (1978) - directed by John Carpenter. Enjoy the season, guys... stay Scared, but safe!!